Insulated Clothing - Freezer Work Wear - Hunting, Trecking Insulated Clothes

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Published: 17th August 2010
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Insulated Clothing Tundra Insulated Jacket

Insulated clothing like Tundra Industrial Jacket provides a comfort rating of -50 degree. Insulated work clothes should provide freedom of movement, comfort and warmth when working in warehouse freezers or during outdoors work. Tundra protective insulated clothing provides these great features whether your job requires maximum protection from cold indoor conditions or from outdoors work. Insulated clothing Made in the USA

Insulated Clothing Insulated Frock Liner

Insulated clothing such as these premium insulated frock liners are the ideal insulated protective clothing for cold food processing or meat packers that work in low temperature facilities. This full length frock liner extend to the knees and has access to side trouser pockets and has an insulated collar. Made of water repellent damier nylon fabric keeps liquids away and offers a -50 degree comfort rating. Made in the USA

Insulated Clothing Insulated Coveralls

Hi visibility insulated Clothing also come in this high visibility insulated protective coveralls designed for outdoor use. The added benefits of highly reflective 3M tape as well as its bright orange or lime color make it a great choice for city maintenance worker, security officers, or for correctional facilities. American safety Associates, LLC offers custom embroidery to make these insulated clothing your own. Contact us for further details. Made in the USA


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