Dental Supplies- Dental Office Buying Tips

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Published: 17th August 2010
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Dental Supplies

Miami ó February 9, 2010

Dental supplies account for almost 7% of revenues. By effectively and efficiently managing the ordering of dental supplies and dental office products correctly a dental practice can reduce its overhead and thus help with goal setting and attainment as well as serving your patients efficiently.

Here are tips that can help your office delivery such efficiencies:

*Identify the products and supplies needed in your office.

*Select the vendors.

*Establish a receiving protocol.

*Organize the storage area for supplies and products.

*Comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations

Dental offices should maintain appropriate amount of supplies while at the same time keeping costs down. Ordering a few extra of heavily used products is not a bad idea. There can be a disturbance in the supply chain and having that extra dental supply can be a smart move. This juggling act requires staff members to know the inner working of the office but also having a clear line of communication with the dentist and/or the person who order the dental supplies. Everyone should be in the know in case the individual that orders is out of the office. This can prevent confusion as to what to order and from where. Also be aware of the shipping/delivery methods used by the dental dealer. Most dealer ship either a common carrier or by United States Postal Service - depending on the volume that is bought and size. Be sure to determine an area where the supplies are put after they are received and checked in. A dental supplies room or area should be kept as neat a possible to deter from ordering products that you already have on hand. Make sure you understand OSHA regulations when storing dental materials. Having a dental supplier that offers online purchasing is always a good strategy. It cuts down on time and saves money due to the fact that perhaps the dental distributor can maintain their overhead cost down by not having a field sales rep. If dental offices are going to mainly use a dental supplier that sells its products mainly online the purchasing person should make sure they are reliable when shipping the dental supplies. Also keep in mind most dental dealers have a cut off time depending on their shipping zone. Make sure to read their shipping policies and if a rush order is needed what the cost will be for such emergency services. Also make sure what their return policies are. Is there a deadline? Do they offer replacement or credit? Who pays for the return? Also keep in mind that new products come out all the time. This doesnít mean your dental office needs to go out and buy it right away.

If the dentist is comfortable letís say with Cavit G from 3M or Gluma ComfortBond than stick with that. Most major manufacturers will at some point invest a lot of money in marketing their new product and these marketing efforts get passed through the sales channel and eventually your office will be offered free samples for your dental office to try these new dental products. Than after trial of these dental products you can make a judgment on "buy or not to buy".

Also, ask or look at the dental suppliers website to see if they have any dental specials on "short dated" dental office products. For example, letís say your office uses a hybrid composite about 3 days a week with 3-4 different patients. Depending on the size of the package this can be used in about a weekís time. If the hybrid composite normally cost $50.00 with an expiration date of 18 months and you know you can use this very often why not buy the same hybrid composite with a expiration date of letís say 5 months for $25.00? Thatís a 50% saving on a product that is used heavily in your dental practice.

Hope this helps your office in determining what dental supplies vendor to work with.

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